(Updated March 7, 2017)

Dr. Markus Borg
: RISE SICS AB, Lund, Sweden
Current Position: Senior Researcher
Phone: Available on request
Email: markus.borg ~at~
Date of Birth: March 13, 1983

Education and Degrees

2015 – PhD in Software Engineering, Lund University
Department of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden.
Thesis: From Bugs to Decision Support – Leveraging the Historical Issue Reports in Software Evolution.
Supervisors: Per Runeson and Björn Regnell  
Thesis opponent: Prof. Serge Demeyer, University of Antwerp.
Research visit: Jul 2014-Aug 2014, ABB India Development Center, Bangalore, India.
2012 – Licentiate of Technology (Tekn. Lic.) in Software Engineering, Lund University
Department of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden.
Thesis: Advancing Trace Recovery Evaluation – Applied Information Retrieval in a Software Engineering Context.
Supervisors: Per Runeson and Björn Regnell
Thesis discussant: Prof. Robert Feldt, Chalmers University of Technology. 
Research visit: Oct 2011-Mar 2012, Realsearch Group led by Prof. Laurie Williams, North Carolina State University, US.
2009 – University Diploma in Computer Science (Högskoleexamen Datavetenskap), Malmö University
Faculty of Technology and Society, Malmö University, Sweden.
Courses focused on software engineering.
2007 – MSc in Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (Civ.Ing. Datateknik), Lund University
Lund University, Sweden.
Courses focused on computer science and real-time systems. 
Thesis: "Safe Programming Languages for ABB Automation System 800xA", Department of Automatic Control.

Other Education

Jan 2013 – Jan 2016
Completed 11 massive open online courses (computer science, statistics) provided by Coursera
Nov 2008
C++ Best Practices and Design Patterns: Hands-On (4 days, Learning Tree International)
Nov 2007
Intro. to C++ for Java and C Programmers: Hands-On (4 days, Learning Tree International)
Mar 2006 – Jul 2006
Erasmus exchange student at Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Germany.
Jun 2004 – Dec 2004
German course with internship, IS Internationella Skolorna, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Positions and Industrial Experience

Sep 2015 – current, Senior researcher, RISE SICS AB
Lund, Sweden.
Conducting research with the Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory, led by Prof. Jakob Axelsson.
Working on support for decision making in component-based software evolution, as well as systems-of-systems in the automotive domain.
Jan 2017 – current, Adjunct senior lecturer, Lund University
Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden.
Course responsible for introductory course on software engineering. Lectures, exercises, projects, examination, and administration.
Mar 2015 – Sep 2015, Temporary lecturer, Lund University
Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden.
Course responsible for introductory course on software engineering (217 students). Lectures, exercises, projects, examination, and administration.
Research with international collaborators.
Jan 2010 – Mar 2015, PhD student, Lund University
Software Engineering Research Group, Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden.
- Research in close collaboration with industry through the Industrial Excellence Center EASE.
- Teaching in basic and advanced courses at the department
- Supervision of five master thesis projects and one bachelor thesis project
- Developed research prototypes for decision support in large software engineering contexts, implementing various state-of-the-art techniques (e.g., information retrieval, machine learning, and recommendation systems)
- Published empirical studies involving both quantitative and qualitative research methods (e.g., case studies, controlled experiments, surveys, and simulations)
- Development within existing courses (e.g. improved infrastructure, created new labs)
Sep 2007 – Jan 2010, Development engineer, ABB
ABB AB, Malmö, Sweden
- Compiler and editor development for automation languages (IEC 61131-3)
- Safety-critical C/C++ development (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511)
- Application development in .Net (C# and VB.Net) and VB6
- Test automation and regression testing
Jan 2007 – Sep 2007, Thesis student, ABB
ABB Automation Technologies AB, Malmö, Sweden
- Explored incremental Java migration using a research prototype for Java-to-C compilation (LJRT – Lund Java-based Real-Time)
Aug 2004 – Dec 2004, Engineering intern, Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, Cologne, Germany
- Internship at team managing electronic data interchange with Ford (Odette FTP)
- Technical documentation
- Communication with subcontractors (mail/phone in German)

Scientific Accomplishments


Dr. Markus Borg has authored more than 30 scientific publications including:
- A book chapter on recommendation systems for issue management in software engineering:

- Two research articles in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
- Four research articles in Empirical Software Engineering
- One research article in Information and Software Technology
- One research article in Journal of Software: Evolution and Process

Dr. Markus Borg has an h-index of 6 (Google Scholar, March 2016). The full list of publications can be found at:

Awards and Recognition

- Outstanding Reviewer Reward, e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, 2016.
- Scholarship (SEK 21,400) for Higher Technical Education, Ernhold Lundström's Foundation, 2014. 
- Scholarship (SEK 25,000) for Higher Technical Education, Ernhold Lundström's Foundation, 2013.
- Scholarship (SEK 15,700) for Higher Technical Education, Ernhold Lundström's Foundation, 2011.

Community Service

- Co-organized the three International Workshops on Requirements Engineering and Testing (RET) in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Editorial Boards
- e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal

Program Committees
- The International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM) in 2016 and 2017 (Short Papers and Posters)
- The IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'17 - Industry track)
- The IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS'17)
- The International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering (ENASE'17)
- The International Workshops on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems (SASSUR) in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.
- The Symposium on Balancing Traditional and Modern Software Process Approaches 2016 (BTMSPA'16)
- The 11th Workshop on Trends in Enterprise Architecture Management (TEAR'16).

Refereeing (selected)
- Empirical Software Engineering
- Software Quality Journal
- Expert Systems with Applications

Research Collaborations Academia

- Lund University, Sweden
- Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
- Mälardalen University, Sweden
- University of Innsbruck, Austria
- University of Tartu, Estonia
- Telecom Ecole de Management, France
- University of Oulo, Finland

Research Collaborations Industry

- Ericsson Research (co-authored publications)
- ABB Corporate Research (extended research visits to the US and India)
- Sony Mobile (three MSc thesis projects)
- Qlik (one MSc thesis project, co-authored publication)
- CGI (one MSc thesis project)

Invited Talks

Traceability Reuse for Change Impact Analysis – A Case Study in a Safety Context
- Dagstuhl Seminar on “Software and Systems Traceability for Safety-Critical Projects”, Apr 14, 2015
- High Integrity Systems Symposium, Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo, Norway, Jun 3, 2015

Impact Analysis in Safety-Critical Systems Development
- Swedsoft workshop on “Software – an Industry Domain, or Cross-domain Practices?”, Lund, Mar 2, 2015

Automation in the Bug Flow – Machine Learning for Triaging and Tracing
- 3rd Software Technology Exchange Workshop, Swedsoft, Stockholm, Sep 25, 2014
- LUCAS-dagen, Lund, Oct 24, 2014

Recommendation Systems for Issue Management
- LTH-afton at System Verification, Malmö, Nov 27, 2013
- Presentation at Axis Communications, Lund, Apr 29, 2014
- Presentation at Ericsson, Lund, Jul 1, 2014

Automated Linking of Natural Language Software Artifacts – A Research Overview
- LUCAS-dagen, Lund, Oct 21, 2010.

Pedagogical Experience

Teaching at Lund University

ETSA01 Software Engineering Process – Methodology (2010-2015)
- Course responsible 2015
- Course development, lectures, project supervision, exercises, creating/correcting exams
- Runner-up of the 2015 golden pointer teaching award by the “D student guild”
EDA016 Programming, First Course – for C, D (2010-2015)
- Exercises and assignments
ETSF01 Software Engineering Process – Economy and Quality (2010, 2012-2014)
- Project supervision, exercises
ETS200 Software Testing (2011, 2013-2015)
- Developed a new lab on debugging
- Project supervision, lab supervision
ETS672 Requirements Engineering (2010)
- Exercises, lab supervision
ETSN05 Software Development for Large Systems (2013)
- Project supervision
Mathematics, Analysis in one variable (2006)
- Exercises (2006)

Advisor and Supervisor (Bachelor and Master Level)

Requirements Traceability Recovery - A Study of Available Tools
L. Brodén, 2011, (MSc)
- Resulted in a full paper at the Int'l Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering.

Beyond Textual Information in Defect Duplicate Detection: An Exploratory Study in the Android Issue Tracker
J. Johansson, 2014, (MSc)
- Published as short paper at the Int'l Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement.

Development of a Decision Support System for Defect Reports
L. Olofsson and P. Gullin, 2014, (MSc)
- Project conducted at Sony Mobile Communications, Lund.
- Published in Tiny Transactions on Computer Science, Volume 4, 2016.

Navigating Information Overload Caused by Automated Testing
N. Erman and V. Tufvesson, 2014, (MSc)
- Project conducted at Qlik, Lund. 
- Thesis selected for honorary mention at LTH graduation ceremony.
- Published as full paper at the Int'l Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation.

Visualisering som verktyg vid systemutveckling
B. Torstensson, 2015, (BSc)
- Case study on how visualizations are used during development of a software-intensive system.

Vad karaktäriserar komplexa ärenden i mjukvaruprojekt?
F. Cicek, and S. Afghani, 2015, (MSc)
- Web development and case study at CGI, Malmö.

Automatic Analysis of Textual Issue Reports
H. Mauritzon, Ongoing
- Project ongoing at Sony Mobile Communications, Lund.

Semantic Distances in an Issue Tracker
Mahmoud Nasser, Ongoing
- Project ongoing at Sony Mobile Communications, Lund.

Crowdsourcing Architectural Decision Making by Text Mining
Iben Lennerstad, Ongoing
- Project ongoing within the Orion project, Lund.

Pedagogical courses

- Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 3 ECTS
- Communicating Science, 5 ECTS
- Supervision in Theory and Practice, 2 ECTS

Pedagogical publications

M. Borg, J. Kembro, J. Notander, C. Petersson, and L. Ohlsson. Conflict Management in Student Groups - A Teacher's Perspective in Higher Education, Högre utbildning, 1(2), pp. 111-124, 2011.

E. Bjarnason, M. Borg, and B. Lindvall. Supervising for Independence – A Case Study of Master Science Projects in Higher Education, In Proc. of LU:s femte högskolepedagogiska utvecklingskonferens, 2015.

Extracurricular activities

President of Malmö Racketlon since 2013 and a keen promoter of the sport. Responsible for organizing Swedish Open 2014-2017, a tournament on the racketlon world tour attracting roughly 150 players (> $10,000 budget). Racketlon is the racket sport cousin of triathlon, combining table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis into a unique sport.