Confounding Factors When Conducting Industrial Replications in Requirements Engineering


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Krzysztof Wnuk, David Callele, and Markus Borg. In Proc. of the 1st International Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry, pp. 55-58, San Francisco, CA, 2013. (link, preprint)


Despite the widely recognized importance of replications in software engineering, industrial replications in software engineering are still rarely reported. Although the literature provides some evidence about the issues and challenges related to conducting experiments and replications the practitioner's view of the issues and challenges has not been fully explored. This paper reports an industrial practitioner's review of a replicated experiment on linguistic tool support for consolidation of requirements from multiple sources. The review identified potential confounding factors from a perspective that differed significantly from that of the designers of the experiment. The results suggest that industrial practice may focus upon specific process aspects that are not necessarily reflected in academic practice.