Teaching is an important component in a researcher’s dissemination of knowledge. I primarily supervise M.Sc. projects, but I also give occasional software engineering courses.

I am responsible for a mandatory introduction to software engineering course at Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University, with between 70 and 215 students per year. I develop the course material under an open source license at https://github.com/lunduniversity/introsofteng. Moreover, I have been involved in several other courses in software engineering and programming at the department.

I gave a session on safe AI in the automotive domain at the 6th International Software Engineering Summer School in 2020. It was planned for Bolzano but ended up as a virtual session.

Some of my experience has been covered in two publications on teaching and learning in higher education:

M. Borg, J. Kembro, J. Notander, C. Petersson, and L. Ohlsson. Conflict Management in Student Groups - A Teacher's Perspective in Higher Education, Högre utbildning, 1(2), pp. 111-124, 2011. (blog, open access)

E. Bjarnason, M. Borg, and B. Lindvall. Supervising for Independence – A Case Study of Master Science Projects in Higher Education, In Proc. of LU:s femte högskolepedagogiska utvecklingskonferens, 2015. (blog, preprint)